After a successful year concentrating in Pakistani politics LUMUN is broadening its vision to encompass the global political spectrum. The LUMUN Secretariat intends to take the initial vision of the United Nations for prompting global peace and further integrate it in Regional and Specialized bodies. Along, with keeping present issues and situations in mind LUMUN this year is going forward in including issues which have happened in the past and considering issues which may happen in the future.
This year LUMUN XV is going to be simulating 14 committees and trying to establish its vision of globalization. The 14 committees are further subdivided into 3 major groups so as to distinguish between each committee’s nature and dynamics. The committees are the following.

Board of Media Regulation and Control

Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs

Standing Committee on Education Reforms

National Commission on Water


LUMS Model United Nations Society (LUMUN) is a student-run organization at the Lahore University of Management Sciences.
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