LUMUN is simulating 11 committees this year: - The General Assemblies (DISEC, SOCHUM, SPECPOL); Specialized Bodies (IMF, NATO, PNA); Economic and Social Council (UNDP, UNODC, CSW); Crisis Committees (UNSC, Crisis Cabinet)

If your school cannot attend LUMUN, there is no need to worry. Recently, we have started welcoming individual delegates whose schools could not send a formal delegation. You can register as a private delegate for our conference.

You cannot choose a country of your preference. However, you can indicate your committee preference when registering, which may be taken into regard during allocations.

Please find the Rule of Procedure here.

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Although there are no defined age boundaries, LUMUN is an academic event. Delegates comprise of both high school and university students, who bring with them unique ideas and thought processes.

International business attire is the mandatory dress code for the conference. Delegates are expected to look professional; therefore, they are prohibited from wearing sneakers, flashy accessories, and displaying national symbols.