When will the countries/committees be allotted?

All country/committee allotments will be sent out by 10th December. If the waivers of liability and institution consent forms are not filled in by all the delegates their respective delegation will not get their country/committee allotments.

Can I make changes to my details on my LUMUN portal account?

All changes can be made till 10thDec, after which we will close access to your LUMUN portal account. If you wish to make any changes after that, please drop us an email at

Will social events tickets be available on the first day of registration?

Tickets for social events have to be purchased before the conference. No tickets will be available on the registration day. The payment for social events will be included in the bank draft you send.

Will I be guaranteed for my preferences of committee and country?

We will take your preferences into account however the final decision rests with the LUMUN Registration Department. The time of your registration, payment and overall cooperation with the Registrations Department are some of the factors that will be considered during committee and country allotment.

Is it compulsory to bring a faculty advisor with us to the conference?

No, it is not compulsory. However, please make sure you tell us beforehand if your faculty advisor plans to come along so that we can make all the necessary arrangements. That being said, it is necessary for every delegation to fill their faculty advisor details on the portal.

Where do I get my tag?

Your ID tag shall be given to your head delegate at the Registrations desk on the first day of the conference.

What if I lose my LUMUN name tag?

We will be setting up a Registrations Helpdesk, from where you can get a new name tag made. However, please note that you will be required to pay a fine before we can issue a new name tag for you.

Are observers allowed at LUMUN?

We do not allow observers at LUMUN. You have to be a participant to attend the conference.

Is on-campus accommodation assured to outstation delegation?

On-campus accommodation is according to first come first serve basis as we have limited accommodation on campus. To ensure that your delegation receives the accommodation, send your delegation’s payment as soon as possible. Teams which pay later cannot be guaranteed on-campus accommodation.

Will the Faculty Advisors be provided on-campus accommodation?

The Registrations Department does not take the responsibility of arranging the accommodation for Faculty Advisors. However, they can contact the LUMS Rausing Executive Development Centre (REDC) directly to arrange their accommodation on the LUMS campus. The contact numbers for REDC can be found on the LUMS website.

In case a delegation/delegate backs out, will the LUMUN Society give a refund of their submitted payment?

No, the LUMUN Society will not refund any payments after the respective bank draft has been received.


Would I be allowed to check-in earlier than the stated time for check-in?

No, in case a delegate arrives earlier, he/she will not be allowed entry into the Hotel as part of LUMUN in any capacity. Check-in will begin on the morning of 26th December 2016 once the registrations process has been completed.

Can faculty advisors apply for accommodation?

LUMUN does not offer accommodation facility to faculty advisors. However, they can seek accommodation at Rausing Executive Centre at LUMS, solely on their own effort and responsibility. Alternatively faculty advisors can avail the Executive Lodging Program.

What is the Executive Lodging Program?

The Executive Lodging Program is an external accommodation facility being offered to teams that have not been shortlisted due to capacity limitations of internal accommodations as well as faculty advisors who do not wish to stay on campus at LUMS. The LUMUN team will recommend hotels nearby in which delegations/faculty advisors can stay at during LUMUN. Delegations will be required to arrange for their own transportation to/from LUMS and food.

What are the items included in the accommodation package?

The accommodations package provides pillows, mattresses, toiletries and quilts. Toiletries will be given per delegation. Please note that items such as irons and chargers are not included in the package. Furthermore, the package does not include meals.

Other general instructions;

  • Delegates are expected to have read the Code of Conduct prior to the LUMUN conference and follow it during their stay on campus at LUMS. Failure to do so will result in delegates/delegation team having to pay a fine. Repeatedly breaching the Code of Conduct will result in the delegation team’s faculty advisor and institution being contacted; the delegation team may also be asked to leave the conference with a ban on the institution to attend any future conferences/events at LUMS.
  • Delegates are required to strictly adhere to the curfew timings during their stay.
  • The LUMUN team and LUMS will not be responsible for facilitating any transportation outside LUMS.
  • Damages to hostel’s property will result in the delegate/delegation team having to pay a fine.
  • Delegates must check-out on the last day of the conference, i.e. Friday 30th December 2016. To do so, delegates must return their identification cards, keys and clear out any outstanding fine payments to the LUMUN Accommodations Team.

PLEASE NOTE: Each delegate is required to submit their NIC or any other form of identification against which they will be allotted identification cards for accommodation. Failure to produce any such identification will result in no accommodation being rewarded to the team.

International Affairs

How will international delegates, who come before the conference and leave a few days after it, be accommodated?

We will look after everything you need, from picking you up from the airport, to off campus accommodation, dropping you back for your flight along with ensuring you get all the facilities in order to make your experience comfortable and memorable.

Delegate Affairs

Where do I go if I have any problem during the conference?

During the conference, the Delegate Affairs Department will set up a Helpdesk to facilitate delegates throughout the 3 days. If you have concerns, comments or any confusion please stop by. If there is literally anything bothering you, we will try our best to help you out.

At what time will the Helpdesk be open?

The Helpdesk will be open from 7 am – 7 pm on all days.

What if I have a problem after 7 pm?

In case you have serious issue and cannot reach the Helpdesk (i.e. stuck at the entrance gate), or if the Helpdesk is closed, you can call at the LUMUN Helpline Number.
The Helpline number will be open 24 hours during the conference and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Where will the Helpdesk be situated?

The Helpdesk will be situated in the Delegate Lounge.

Social Events

Can I enter into the delegate lounge without having the social events ticket?

Yes you can. We have set up a delegate lounge for you to have an ice breaking session with the other delegates.  It will serve as the perfect place to relax, network and have fun after Committee Sessions.

Can we buy the concert ticket alone?

No. Since the concert comes under social events, you are only able to get the ticket for the concert if you buy the social events package.

Can I get socials ticket on spot?

No, we will not be selling any social tickets after the deadline of payment.

Can my friend attend any social instead of me?

No, only those individuals that have bought the social events package will be allowed to attend. The socials events tickets are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

What is the theme for this year dinner?

With glamorous dresses, bright lights, royal décor and a red carpet to walk on the delegates will get the entire luminary feel at this year’s dinner. The theme will be very formal and will primarily represent western style. It will be an extravagant which will enable the delegates to enjoy being the show stoppers of it.


Where can I buy LUMUN Souvenirs?

The Souvenirs desk will be set up next to the Helpdesk in the Delegate Lounge.

What will be items on Sale?

This year beautiful mugs, shirts, warm Hoodies and other surprises will be on sale. Make sure you grab them before we run out!


Does LUMUN have a conference newspaper?

Yes. It contains a round-up of the happenings of the conference and will be published on each of the 5 days of the conference.

Where can I find this newspaper?

It will be distributed in each committee in one of the committee sessions during the day. It will also be available at the delegate lounge.

I want to be in the newspaper. How can I do this?

We do not give preference to people just because they want to be in the newspaper. However, do or say something memorable to us and you might just make it.

Will extra copies of the Delegate Handbook be available?

No, there won’t be any extra copies. Don’t lose yours.

What is the content of the Delegate Handbook?

Essential information that includes maps of LUMS, eateries within and nearby LUMS, the rules of procedure and emergency contacts.


How do we enter the LUMS campus on the first day?

You enter with your school ID card which will be cross checked with the name that your school has registered.

How do we enter the social events on campus?

With your delegate ID card and social events ticket.

Who will be responsible incase valuables are lost?

LUMUN would not be responsible for any lost valuables but delegates should check with the lost and found at the security office. Kindly take care of your possessions.

Are the delegates allowed to leave their place of accommodation?

No. Only travel to and from the LUMS campus will be allowed. Also, male delegates will not be allowed to enter the premises where the female delegates will be staying, and vice versa.

What happens if you trespass into the place of accommodation of the opposite gender?

The respective delegate would be disqualified and banned for any further participation in any of LUMS events.

If any LUMS or the hotel property is damaged what will be the consequences?

A fine will have to be paid.

NOTE: Any misbehavior/disrespect towards the Host team will not be tolerated and any decision of the LUMUN team will be deemed final.

What happens if you have an urgent business past curfew time?

The respective delegate can contact the Director Security and he will give the permission only if the case is genuine.

What happens if you have some emergency and no host team member is around?

All the head delegates will be provided with emergency numbers of the security department so they are able to contact easily and reach a solution without panic.

What happens if any delegate is caught involved in illegal matters like drug use or smoking in a no-smoking area?

The respective delegate will be fined in case of illegal smoking and will be immediately disqualified in case of drug use.

Social Responsibility Program

Is there any SRP event at the conference?

Yes, we have the Boot Camp. 

What does SRP actually do?

SRP is a special initiative of the LUMUN society that started 6 years ago with educating and creating awareness as its main aim. Over the past few years however it has branched out to deal with more complex issues like women empowerment, tolerance, perspectives etc. A summer internship is conducted annually in charity schools from Lahore for a month. Currently, the SRP team is conducting Teacher Training sessions and MUN Training in schools across Lahore. The SRP Team also now focuses on Extracurricular Development, Teacher Training, College and Career Counseling.

Can delegates become a part of SRP?

Yes, you can apply as an Intern for our new Weekend Internship Program to be held this January and also as a Campus Ambassador for SRP events and publicity.

What is the LUMUN SRP Boot camp?

The SRP Boot camp is a chance for delegates to interact with the children from our affiliated NGOs and carry out multiple activities with them as they get to know each other’s lifestyle better. It is truly an eye opening yet wonderful experience for all delegates, and children.

What is the Weekend Internship?

The Weekend Internship is a new addition to LUMUN’s Social Responsibility Program and serves as an Internship Opportunity for all delegates focused towards bringing about actual change within the society.

It starts in January and Interns will be training children in extracurricular activities over the weekends. Activities will be focused on developing children’s confidence, creativity and critical thinking.