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December 2016

The LUMUN 13 Conference

In December, the LUMUN Society hosted, once again, the biggest MUN conference in the country: LUMUN 13. With over a thousand delegates spread across many delegations from all over Pakistan, the turn out was huge and the debate even more intense.

In addition to rounds of rigorous debate, the prestigious five-day conference also included a host of fun activities, themed dinners, a concert, the SRP Bootcamp and a series of highly informative seminars with highly esteemed ambassadors and famous celebrities as the panelists.

The first social event of LUMUN 13 was the cultural night, a night that truly showcased the real essence of Pakistan with a blend of Punjabi, Pashto, Saraiki, Sindhi and Balochi music and food. Supplemented by a cozy bonfire, the LUMUN host team closed off the night with a perfectly synchronized and exceptionally well-choreographed Flash Mob.

The SRP Bootcamp was also successful in its mission. Featuring performances by children from Har Sukh School and Care Foundation, the boot camp offered delegates the chance to build empathy for the less privileged while stimulating intellectual growth amongst all involved parties.

A concert by one of the most coveted artists of our time, Sahara UK, and a Casino Royale themed formal dinner were perhaps the two most glamorous events of the conference. Additionally, LUMUN 13 featured, for the very first time, a new and exciting social event: Game Night. With the unique inclusion of life-sized games of Ludo and Jenga amongst many others, the idea proved to be ingenious and perfectly well executed.

The host of panel discussions that took place over the course of the five days further added to the LUMUN 13 experience. The star-studded panelists included members of the Pakistani cricket team, renowned actor Fawad Khan, the celebrated musician Meesha Shafi, PAF fighter pilot Saira Amin, members of the under 17 women’s football team, the prodigy Ali Moeen Nawazish and, finally, Pakistan’s first female rickshaw driver, Naureen baji. Former ambassadors and members of the UN Peacekeeping forces also served as panelists and discussed issues relevant to Pakistan: women empowerment, peace and child abuse. The talks were indeed a great learning experience for all the delegates and helped enhance their intellectual vision.

Overall, the conference turned out to be a huge success thanks to the tireless efforts of the LUMUN host team, led by the incredibly dedicated Executive Council. Not only did LUMUN 13 manage to live up to the LUMUN legacy but also set a standard for future LUMUN conferences to follow.

SRP Weekend Internship

The SRP Weekend Internship is a follow up to the SRP Summer Internship held last July. Over 200 interns will participate in this initiative, teaching in 9 different government schools for 4 consecutive weekends. The internship will start on the 13th of January and interns will be going on Fridays and Saturdays.

The schools that the interns will be going to are CDG Boys High School Kot Khwawaja Saeed, Government Girls High School Wassanpura, Government Boys High School Wassanpura, CDG Girls High School Sitara Colony, CDG Boys High School Rehmanpura, CDG Boys High School Township, CDG Girls High School Fatehgarh, CDG Boys High School Fatehgarh and CDG Boys High School Harbanspura.

Through LUMUN’s affiliation with the CARE Foundation, 9 schools were selected for the Weekend Internship. CARE Foundation aims to improve teaching standards at government schools. Their work involves training teachers, improving the conditions of schools and providing children with books & uniforms. CARE also funds as many children as it can, paying their school fees for them. LUMUN is proud to be affiliated with this organization, and hopes to emulate their work in its SRP internships.

This year, LUMUN decided to give its past interns the opportunity to become affiliated with LUMUN itself at a higher level by offering them the opportunity to become SRP ambassadors. These ambassadors represent the SRP program and LUMUN within their respective schools and social circles, helping LUMUN attract more volunteers for its cause. The more capable ambassadors have further been given the chance to manage the internship as well. They have been delegated various tasks to ensure that everything runs smoothly and, like previous internship programs, this one has been a huge success so far as well.

SRP internships are not just limited to outside interns. Anyone from LUMUN itself, who is interested in the cause, is highly encouraged to join in and visit these schools. The amount of talent that the children in these schools have is truly mind blowing. It is tragic that all this talent is going to waste due to the lack of proper attention and facilities for them. Anyone who wants to help make a difference is most welcome to join the program.

Youth Leadership Parliament 2017

This year LUMUN will, once again, be hosting its second annual event, the Youth Leadership Parliament (YLP), to ensure that issues pertinent to Pakistan are brought to the attention of the youth of the country. It will be a 3-day event, running from 17th to 19th February. While the LUMUN conference works to enable students to get acquainted with global issues and to try to resolve them, YLP works specifically to create awareness about political, social and economic issues faced by Pakistan and provides individuals with the platform to analyze these problems. Three committees of the Pakistan National Assembly will be simulated at YLP 2017, namely the Defense and Foreign Affairs, Human Rights and Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony committees.

Keeping true to the Pakistan-centric nature of the conference, this year’s theme is Parcham e Sitara o Hilal. This phrase highlights the pluralistic nature of our state and emphasizes the need to create a tolerant Pakistan. The theme was inspired by the recent atrocities against the minorities and other marginalized groups in our society. Thus, this theme also symbolizes progress and prosperity, an idea which is encapsulated in the topics set for each of the three committees being simulated at the conference.


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