Important details and deadlines


  • Each institute can register as many teams as it wishes to
  • Each delegation can have a maximum of 10 delegates
  • Any delegation sending their payments later than 10th December will be charged with a late registration delegate fee
  • The LUMUN Registration Department reserves the right to accept or reject any delegation. The final say in this matter rests with the Registration Department and may not be contested by the delegation(s)
  • Only delegations with complete payment status will be allotted countries and committees.
  • The final decisions of the country and the committee allotment rests with the LUMUN Registration Department. However, please bear in mind that the earlier you pay the earlier you will be given your allotment.



7th October – 20th November 2019

Registrations Phase I (For All Teams/Individuals including those applying for financial aid)

21st November – 10th December 2019

Registrations Phase II (For Teams/Individuals Not applying for financial aid)

11th December – 15th December 2019

Late Registrations Phase (A late fee of PKR 1000 will be charged per delegate)

30th December - 3rd January 2020

LUMUN XVI Conference

Local Delegations

You’ve reached the pricing plans.

Delegation Fee

5000 Rs

Delegate Fee

3000 Rs

Individual Delegate Fee

4000 Rs

Accomodation Fee

4000 Rs

Social Events (4)

2000 Rs


International Delegations

You’ve reached the pricing plans.

Delegate Fee



It includes tickets to all social events

Accommodation Fee (Option 1)



Dorm Common Rooms (on campus)

Accommodation Fee (Option 2)



REDC Rooms (Campus Hotel)

Payment Procedure

All payments must be made via the Payment Voucher generated from the portal and a scanned image of the paid Voucher must be uploaded afterwards

Kindly note that payments made in any form other than the Payment Voucher will NOT be accepted.

Contact Information

Following are various ways to contact us in case you need any help.

Hamza Bin Aqeel

Director Registrations

+92 331 8220730

Hamna Rasool Khan

Director Registrations

+92 322 4881379

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