Social Events

Social Events

In order to make LUMUN 15 a truly memorable experience, the LUMUN team has lined up a host of fun activities for delegates. With each of these activities focusing on a distinctive theme, they will provide delegates with the perfect platform to socialize with others, aquaint themselves with the LUMUN team and most importantly, have a great time.

Rang Barse

Keeping the tradition alive, LUMUN is ready to dive into the rich history and celebrate contemporary culture once again. This year LUMUN’s cultural event: “Rang Barse” will give you the opportunity to enjoy all the colors you love. Time to see all those colors, have some good food, and make memories. So think no more and get ready to join this enthralling opportunity for intercultural experience. Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts,

Do: Enjoy the colorful night, capture precious moments, and praise us for the arrangements from Bethak to the food.

Don’t: MISS OUT.

A Rustic Affair- Formal Dinner

Bid Goodbye to LUMUN 15 with us. Girls, bring out your dresses. Boys, get your suits ready. Let’s get ready for a Rustic affair!

Join us at the formal dinner if you adore reclaimed wood and bonfires. We have a special Rustic Affair theme just to take you back to simpler times, with little technology and an inclination towards nature. You will be charmed and feel nostalgic everywhere you look: Little pieces of wooden scenery at the entrance, a wooden stage and dinner under the moonlight.

Register for the Formal Dinner to unwind after a long and hectic MUN! We are waiting to share our love for nature with all of you.

Lights All Night

Get the perfect opportunity to see the LUMS campus “lit” up with laser beams and electric lights for the last grand event LUMUN has to offer.

Laser lights, glittery backdrops! What else do you need to make the perfect blend of an all-night dance party? Disco lights, disco balls and your favourite party songs, what better way to spend a fun 31st of December night with your closest friends.

The final grand event of LUMUN 15, Lights all night awaits you all as the biggest dance party in town! Dance the night away and party like there’s no tomorrow! This night will let you dance like never before. So put on your dancing shoes and get your groove on to enjoy the most memorable night of your lives, and get ready to welcome 2019!


If last year we had Strings, you can only imagine what we have in store for you this time! (psst.. don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes!) 

See you all in December!  


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