The diverse set of committees at the Youth Leadership Parliament are centered around the issues within Pakistan, allowing delegates an opportunity to expand their knowledge and dwell deeper into the social, economic, and political sphere of the Pakistani society.


In light of our broader vision, we will be simulating the following five committees at Youth Leadership Parliament 2021:


  1. Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs
  2. Standing Committee on Economic Affairs
  3. Standing Committee on Law & Justice
  4. Standing Committee on Climate Change.
  5. National Command & Operation Center (NCOC)

Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs

The last decade has been marked by everchanging political realities in Pakistan. What has remained constant is the commitment to sustaining stable China-Pakistan relations. The Standing Committee on Foreign relations will function to determine the way forward in this bilateral relationship, in the wake of past developments. The end goal of the committee would be to orchestrate a viable plan for future collaboration between the two countries, keeping in mind the importance of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a project that elicits the question: whether it will continue to fill the voids of infrastructure in Pakistan, or pave the road towards a financial doomsday in the country?

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Standing Commission on Climate Change

Climate Change is one of the most controversial topics in the modern world with even major world leaders being climate change deniers or enablers. Our country, contrary to the lack of discourse on this issue by mainstream leaders, political parties, and media, faces a serious threat from climate change. This committee will aim to explore not only the depth of the excruciating impacts of climate change but will also debate on how far-reaching it is as it encompasses our country’s economy, politics, health, and minorities lives. Along with understanding the challenges presented, another core aim of the committee will be to try to come up with novel, creative, and practical solutions for the numerous issues related to climate change.

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Standing Committee on Economic Affairs

Undergoing an economic turmoil, the Economic Affairs committee will be committed to finding solutions for poverty alleviation. This committee will also focus on economic solutions for humanitarian predicaments such as low-level education, representation of women and other social issues in Pakistan through creativity and innovation. The pandemic has increased the income inequality gap; thus this committee will explore mechanisms and policies that help tackle the problem and work towards the eradication of a bigger problem like poverty.

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Standing Committee on Law & Justice

Being simulated for the first time, the Law & Justice committee at YLP this year will allow delegates to analyze the topic from a law and policy perspective. The committee shall be looking at the 18th amendment in the constitution of Pakistan with a new lens. We shall be analyzing the amendment with liberty to have endless discourse around it. A special emphasis shall be placed on the power dynamics of Pakistan and how the amendment opened avenues for discourses from both opposition & those who fully support it. We will also focus on how the amendment has given rise to new ideas of provinces being able to sustain themselves, and new emerging questions about the role of the federation, and its bodies, such as the NAB.


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National Command & Operation Center (NCOC)

This year at the Youth Leadership Parliament, we shall be simulating the National Command and Control Centre (NCOC), which is Pakistan’s premier national body to address the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. NCOC will serve as the crisis committee for YLP/21. Established in the early weeks of a national lockdown in spring of 2020, this body represents ministries, health officials and civil-military leadership, who form policy guidelines for all provinces; to handle the health, economic and social challenges. This year at YLP, this body will address questions relating to the continuing rise of COVID-19 cases, availability and distribution of vaccines, and the national economic fallout of a global recession. Delegates should be ready to engage in national dialogue as numerous crisis’ will emerge in the process of their participation in the NCOC.


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