Social Events

For this year’s Youth Leadership Parliament, we plan to have two social events: a cultural night and a surprise event — scheduled for the first and second day of the conference respectively. Both these events have been planned to keep it a more interactive environment.

Panel Talk

The Panel Talks are a platform through which YLP aims to bring political and social discourses and the pressing issues surrounding these, to the forefront of debate. Guests from different walks of life interact with the students and discuss pertinent issues prevailing globally and domestically. Here, the attendees are provided an opportunity to learn from the experiences of pioneering journalists, politicians, dignitaries, and many more such eminent personalities. Moreover, through these panel talks, they are encouraged to analyze the issues that affect their communities critically.

This year, the team has planned an exhilarating panel talk with prominent political figures in Pakistan discussing the means to a possible end of human rights infringements, a round table conference of all affiliated NGOs which aim towards a brighter and better Pakistan. This will allow delegates to converse with distinguished guests from different walks of life, adding to their overall YLP’21 experience.

Shaam e Saqafat

We will be contacting artists from different places. Keeping in mind the budget constraints, we are looking for artists through instagram. The event would take place on zoom and there will be a dress code to engage the audience. They need to dress according to their cultures and the best dressed individuals would be appreciated.


We will have a truck Art theme where the audience and participants will be encouraged to to have that as their backgroundWe will start the Cultural night with a performance by a local band ( We are trying to get in touch with a few local artists). The band could be a Balochi, Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, or any other band of a regional language.

The performance of the local band will continue for 20 minutes.

Then individual artists like Sitara Player, Flute player, and Tabla Player will be invited and they will be given a chance to present for 15 minutes each.

The cultural night will end with creating a breakout room where the audience will get a chance to interact with these artists on a one on one level.

Audience can use these breakout rooms to ask any sort of questions about the artist’s problems, their journey, and if the audience wants to learn then what can they do.


Another breakout room activity can be to have a cultural trivia where we will divide the delegates into teams and the team that will answer maximum questions within a given time will be awarded.

The awards could be in the form of some vouchers (Marketing department will be contacted for the vouchers)

Youth Night

The theme of the event will be to provide a platform to the emerging youth of Pakistan. It will be an extremely fun and wholesome event where artists can show their talents. Artists given a time slot of 20 minutes each to entertain the audience. Apart from this, some talented emerging singer will also be invited. Ideally, the event will be 1 hour and 15 minutes long and will comprise of artists doing standup comedy, singing and motivational talking. The event will follow a neon theme which will perfectly complements the aura that will be set by catchy neon zoom backgrounds and catchy posters.


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