Human Rights


Murtajiz Naqvi


Muhammad Hamza Bin Aqeel


Topic: Protection of Children Rights in Pakistan

Innocence, love, care, and protection – this is what early years of life should be full of. Pakistan has always suffered from rising social constraints which have disallowed the provision of the last element openly, which has resulted in the first three being taken away as well. Sahil, an organization based in Pakistan that works for the welfare of children, has reported that in 2017 alone, 2410 girls and 1729 boys have reportedly been abused, raped, and mistreated in all inhumane ways possible. 34% of all these attacks took place in enclosed spaces, which means that homes, workplaces, and schools are not fully safe for children to meander around in. Before raising a finger on the humanity of those who target children, the country is in desperate need for protective mechanisms for them. This study guide will focus on the main areas of concern which leads to the victimization of children of all ages and will provide the premises of what this session of the parliament this year will focus on.

The LUMUN Society, 2018