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President's Letter

Dear Delegates,

I am Mehvish Munir, and I will serve as the President of the LUMUN society and conference this year. It is with absolute pleasure that I invite you to the 19th Annual Edition of LUMS Model United Nations (LUMUN). I am extremely excited to welcome you to the LUMS campus from December 29th to January 2, 2023.

For nearly two decades, LUMUN has taken pride in its service to the Model UN culture of Pakistan as it is one of the most unique and academically renowned conferences within the Pakistani circuit. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit us, we faced many challenges. However, we stood in the face of adversity and arranged the conference online for two years, but I am so glad to welcome you all to the in-person edition. Our theme, “Tales of Survival, Hopes for Revival”, is centered around the idea of coming back to the in-person dynamics. As we step closer to the conference, we step closer to the traditions we uphold dearly. Every year, delegates across Pakistan attend the LUMUN conference and discuss crucial international issues. They learn the art of negotiation and collaboration with their peers on the committee. They work together on drafting solutions and polishing their public speaking skills, and they also get to learn and engage at our committee-based panel talks.

LUMUN is also back with its much-awaited social events because we truly believe in striking a balance between the academic and social aspects of the conference. LUMUN aims to provide avenues to learn and enjoy as the is much more than the debate inside our committee rooms. Under our LUMUN spirit this year, we will actively encourage you to interact with your fellow committee members and chairs at the social events and make memories that will last forever!

My host team and I eagerly await your presence at LUMUN this year!


Mehvish Munir,

President LUMUN | 22-23

Secretary General's Letter

Dear Delegates, Coaches, and Faculty Advisors,

After two years of persevering behind laptop screens, it gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to the 19th iteration of the Annual LUMS Model United Nations Conference.

This year, LUMUN is simulating eleven exciting committees- including General Assemblies, ECOSOCs, Specialized Bodies and Crisis Committees- with unique mandates and structures that cover a wide range of international issues. Delegates will debate over the most pressing global concerns, ranging from frozen conflicts to femicide- as they strive to faithfully represent their country’s positions. In their struggles to arrive at a common solution, delegates will learn the art of negotiation and compromise. But through it all, the delegates can be assured of the LUMUN spirit, which endeavors to prioritize inclusivity and civility so that both novices and veterans feel at home. And above all, delegates can look forward to making life-long friendships and networking with the most resourceful individuals from across the country.

LUMUN is scheduled to take place from 29th December, 2022 to 2nd January, 2023 at the lively LUMS campus. This year marks a new beginning for LUMUN as we return to welcome you all in person with warm hugs, exhilarating real-time debates, exciting social events and delicious meals. We are bracing ourselves for an unprecedented level of intellect expressed through meaningful discussions, based on the unique lived experiences over the past 2 years. Simultaneously, we hope to rejuvenate long-established traditions that have whittled down through online conferences. We are excited to hand out lanyards to familiar and new faces at the registration desk, see you laughing at the delegate lounge, counting down at New Year’s Eve, and for so much more. This sentiment is captured in the theme for LUMUN this year- ‘Tales of Survival, Hopes for Revival’.

As we meticulously prepare with each passing day, our hearts grow more eager to welcome you all to LUMUN again!

Yours truly,

Sakina Zulfiqar Ali | Secretary-General 2022-2023

Director General's Letter

Dear Delegates,

My name is Vaniza Majid, and I am honored and excited to serve as your Director General for this year. It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the 19th Annual LUMUN conference scheduled for 29th December 2022 to 2nd January 2023. I am so excited to meet you all and invite you to become part of our conference and bring the spirit of LUMUN back in person.

Three years ago, I joined the LUMUN team as a freshie who was unsure where this journey would take me. I remember waking up early for my security duties, getting ready for social events with my society friends, and late-night flash mob practices in SDSB. The following two years were online, and we missed hosting delegates on campus and the bonds we developed while managing the conference at LUMS. During covid'19, our team faced challenges, but it was also an opportunity to grow and learn. Our host team successfully organized two virtual conferences, which was only possible by sticking together in hard times and with the enthusiasm of the delegates who joined the conference online and appreciated us. Now that we are back on campus, our team is working hard to provide a wonderful experience to delegates where they can learn the art of debate and diplomacy and enjoy our fun-filled social events!

LUMUN offers much more than committee sessions and socials. This conference is an opportunity for delegates to network with people from diverse backgrounds and build long-lasting friendships. We are looking forward to hosting a large number of delegates this year and want to revive old traditions. To register for LUMUN you can check our registrations link on the website, and I highly encourage you to follow us on social media to learn more about the conference.

See you all at the LUMUN conference very soon!


Vaniza Majid | Director General 2022-2023

General Secretary's Letter

Hello everyone!

My name is Hassan, and I am serving as the General Secretary of the LUMUN society this year. I am extremely excited to see you all, in person, at LUMUN 19! After two consecutive online conferences during COVID, we have planned a ton of informative Panel Talks, intellectually stimulating Diplomatic Meets and Impactful Social Responsibility program; All of this is to make sure that your LUMUN experience is as engaging and informative as ever!

Our aim at LUMUN is to provide a 360” experience to our delegates, helping them understand how international negotiations take place, and by simulating Model UN committees, we help them implement in similar scenarios. We also make sure that we never compromise on the quality of our events. Every year, we get esteemed speakers from the most prestigious organizations such as UNDP, Former Pakistani Diplomats, and Policy makers from the Government of Pakistan! This year, we are striving to continue this legacy. At LUMUN, we also believe in inclusivity, and we always strive to be pioneers of change; This year, we are organizing a deaf committee that provides a platform for speech-impaired people to indulge in the art of negotiation and debate.

Yours truly,

M. Hassan Azhar | General Secretary 2022-2023

Treasurer's Letter

Esteemed Delegates, Coaches, and Faculty Advisors,

I am Hamza Said, and It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to the 19th Annual LUMS Model United Nations Conference. First of all, I would like to thank you all for your patience in waiting for our comeback to an in-person conference and appreciated our work over the years. We highly appreciate the love and participation from our community of delegates, faculty advisors, organizing teams, and mentors who make this conference a reality every year even in times of virtual conferences.

I joined the LUMUN family as an individual passionate about growing the MUN circuit in Pakistan and helping some of the most talented individuals to participate in one of the most decorated types of conferences across the globe by giving them the platform to express their talents. We were restricted to a virtual conference these past 2 years but that definitely didnot stop us from giving back to the community back to back successful events that enhanced my skillset as an effective manager. My motivation only grew as I was eyeing this day, when I welcome you all in person and get to showcase my managerial abilities in organizing a conference filled with learning, opportunity and joy.

Folks, the wait is over because we are back!! With ten times the energy, grit and determination to make this conference the best across our coveted history of being the best MUN-ing Society in Pakistan. This year of LUMUN is a new beginning - a chance to both revive old traditions and create our own, to welcome familiar faces back and meet new ones, and to envision the future of LUMUN together.

I cannot wait to see you all to indulge in diplomatic discourse, experimental learning and fruitfully competing in the committee sessions - chirping and enjoying in the delegate lounge - Going all out in the social events. This year as per our theme of "Tales of Survival, Hopes of Revival", we have a fusion of traditional LUMUN events and socials with the young energy of this era to give you a mindblowing twist on blast from the past.

So are you ready to go all out and have the time of your lives?

Yours truly,

Hamza Said | Treasurer 2022-2023